Hello! We are

Sustainable Kirriemuir

We are Sustainable Kirriemuir

We are a group of like-minded individuals who want to live better, protect nature and build a stronger future.

It’s easy to think that you have no power, no influence and that you are too small to make a difference. Perhaps you feel that your life is too busy, or that that you don’t know enough. Did you realise that you are building your future every day? Where you decide to focus your time, energy and money, will build and develop the world we share.

REMEMBER—our choices have an impact for centuries!

Grow Food

Grow food with us at home, at our local schools or in one of our community gardens.

Reduce & Reuse

Find out more about how you can reduce your food and textile waste.

Protect Nature

Find out how you can protect and enhance local nature and biodiversity.


Learn more about climate change and how you can live well and live lighter on the planet.

What’s Your Future, Kirrie?

Lights, Camera, Action!

You may have seen us recently hanging about the town, poised with our camera. We’ve been mingling with locals, finding out what climate action is already happening across Kirrie. We think the results are super exciting. We loved chatting to each and every one of you, we think the results speak for themselves!

Take a look at our growing video ———»

News and Information

Our world is changing…

What’s happening in Kirrie?

Attend our events & activities to help make the good stuff happen…

Our Achievements

volunteers who make a difference.
tonnes of waste saved since September 2020.
people engaged with SK since March 2020.
grow at home packages delivered.

Time is short and the solutions are simple.

Get in touch

Together we can make good choices and live better, join Sustainable Kirriemuir!

If you would like to know more about what we are doing please get in touch. We are always looking for new members to join our organisation. If you have particular knowledge around climate change issues, or growing, making and mending skills you’d like to share, or just want to know more, we want to hear from you. Everyone is welcome, together we can make a difference.

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