We worked together to…

Take Climate Action

Our Nourish Kirriemuir Project aimed to…

0 Tonnes
Grow two tonnes of local food.
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Save six tonnes of food from waste.
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Engage 500 people in the climate emergency.

In March 2020, we were awarded funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) to the sum of £162,644.

The Climate Challenge Fund was previously a Scottish Government grant programme. The CCF provided funding and support to help community-led organisations in Scotland tackle climate change through projects that reduced local carbon emissions. Over 1,150 projects across all 32 local authorities were awarded CCF grants for activities involving energy efficiency, sustainable travel, local food and resource efficiency. Total CCF funding over its lifetime exceeded £115 million.

The funding was put towards a 2-year project called Nourish Kirriemuir, which had three main aims:

    • Grow 2 tonnes of local food.
    • Cut food waste and other waste by 6 tonnes.
    • Support 500 people to increase their awareness and understanding of climate change.

The project was developed following a number of conversations with our town’s schools, community groups and members of the public, as well as Angus Council. We wanted to address climate change in ways that the people of Kirriemuir wanted; reducing waste and growing food were top of the list.

Climate Challenge Fund

Read our final report by clicking here.

Emily Hutchison
Emily HutchisonNourish Growing Leader
Emily coordinated the growing side of the Nourish Project and developed, set up and grew food at the three Kirriemuir school market gardens.

Emily is currently on Maternity Leave.

Lauren Urquhart
Lauren UrquhartNourish Learning & Events Leader
Lauren coordinated our food waste reduction activities, and educational and engagement campaigns, activities and events.

In May 2022 Lauren moved on to a new role with St. Andrews University.

Fiona Cameron
Fiona CameronNourish Administrator
Fiona assisted with the Sustainable Kirriemuir social media accounts, community engagement activities and managed the Nourish Project budget and data reporting.

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What did we achieve?

We helped volunteers from the community to grow 1.14 tonnes of local food.

  • Established and begun growing food at 3 market gardens, set up in our 3 town schools.
  • Provided support to 225 households across Kirriemuir and the Glens to grow their own food in their back gardens, providing many with raised bed food growing kits.
  • Launched our Get Set Grow Challenge, previously the Angus Growing Award. This course supports anyone in the local area to grow their own veg and learn permaculture techniques.
  • Supported Kirriemuir Food Hub in the development of their new ‘Hub Garden’, providing fresh, locally grown produce to those most in need.

We helped the people of Kirriemuir to reduce their carbon emissions by over 90 tCO2e, by cutting their food waste and other waste by over 24.5 tonnes.

  • Partnered up with Kirriemuir Food Hub to establish a community fridge, where any member of the public can help to use up surplus food otherwise destined for the bin! We redirected over 24 tonnes of surplus food from waste. This is equates to a carbon saving of more than 80 tco2e.
  • Developed and launched our #SussYourFood challenge, a habit forming framework which helps households to reduce their food waste and make more sustainable food choices.
  • Established a Sustainable Fashion group and held a speaker event all about the damaging effects of Fast Fashion.

Supported over 500 people in our community to increase their awareness and understanding of climate change and enable them to make informed choices on how to move to a low-carbon lifestyle.

  • Engaged more than 500 people at many different events and activities around waste, growing, and climate change.
  • Due to Covid-19, many of our events and activities have taken place online. Despite this, we have managed to hold over 80 different events including movie nights, climate cafes, art workshops, cook-alongs, seasonal food days, speaker events and more!
  • Run a reusable period products campaign in partnership with Free Period Angus, which provided more than 130 people in Kirriemuir and the Glens with reusable products.
  • Held an online seed gathering, which attracted over 100 people from across the world. Topics included establishing wildflower meadows, plastic free gardening, all things potato, refugee gardens and seed saving.
Painting at Southmuir

Thoughts on our 2021 Digital Seed Gathering…

I work in community development and I was blown away by what you have achieved. I can only imagine all the hard work you all put into Seed Gathering. You have been a real inspiration to what is possible, especially digitally.  You have given me so many ideas to incorporate and build into my project. Thank you.

Garance, Event Attendee

A review of our Christmas Crafternoon activities…

It’s amazing how intimidating these things can feel before you start. Thanks to the Nourish team, I’ve always wanted to make a wreath and now I have had a window into how to and learned lots of ways of using leftover ribbons, ornaments etc. in future.

Christine, Member

A Food Waste Champion!

The challenge was well thought out, with information building on a weekly basis and manageable tasks set. Though I thought I knew a lot about sustainable food, I learnt more and the challenge made me reconsider my buying and cooking practices. I will continue to implement some of what I have learnt!

Anonymous, #SussYourFood Participant

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