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Save Energy & Go Green

Our energy choices can have a really big impact!

We all use energy to power and heat our homes, shops, schools, public buildings and work places. How we choose to power and heat these spaces, who we choose to do so, and many more factors can have a huge impact on our individual and collective carbon footprint.

Scotland is leading the way on improving household energy efficiency and reducing emissions from our homes, with a number of organisations delivering funding and support across the country. We were the first part of the UK to recognise energy efficiency as a national priority.

Although there has been considerable progress made, there is still more work to be done.

Emissions data shows that current activity is not enough to ensure that we and our homes play their part in contributing to Scotland’s challenging emissions reduction targets. Most emissions reductions to date have been seen in the power sector, which has seen a two-thirds fall in emissions from 2008 to 2018. Emissions from all other sectors outside of electricity generation have fallen by just 14% during this time. (Energy Saving Trust, 2021)

Big changes are happening in the energy industry, and if we are to help Scotland reach net zero by 2045, we all must consider making changes when it comes to our own energy supply too.

Aim to improve energy efficiency & use green energy.

We know energy use is a huge contributing factor to the climate crisis and we would love to do more around this area.

Are you interested in being part of an Energy action group, to support a reduction in energy emissions in Kirriemuir? Please get in touch!

Energy Supply

Green & Grey Energy

The energy supply that we each use to power and heat our homes can be described as either “green” or “grey”. Green energy is considered renewable, with the energy obtained or sourced from an infinite source that will not run out, such as the heat or light from the sun, or the wind in the air. Grey energy is considered non-renewable, with the energy obtained from the burning of a finite source that will eventually run out, such as coal, oil or gas.

What can I do?

We all use energy. Whether that’s to power our fridge-freezer, to cook our food, to use our computers, or to power up our devices. That means that we can all do something to help.

The way that the energy and heating we use in our homes is sourced depends entirely on our chosen suppliers. We encourage you to consider switching to a green energy supplier, if that is possible for you. This is an easy and simple step that you can take at home to begin living in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way. Take back the control on your energy supply.

Some reliable, green energy suppliers include:

Wind Turbines
Solar Panels

Energy Saving Trust: Home Energy Scotland

The Scottish Government offers a variety of schemes to support people who have difficulty paying their fuel bills or keeping their home warm. These schemes also help to increase the up take of home energy efficiency measures, helping Scotland to reach it’s carbon emission reduction targets.

The Energy Saving Trust, in partnership with advice providers and energy companies, manages these schemes on behalf of the Scottish Government through the organisation Home Energy Scotland.

Free Advice!

Home Energy Scotland have a network of local advice centres covering all of Scotland. Their expert advisors offer free, impartial advice on energy saving, keeping warm at home, renewable energy, greener travel, cutting water waste and more. They are funded by the Scottish Government and managed by the Energy Saving Trust, and their mission is to help people in Scotland create warmer homes, reduce their bills and help tackle climate change.

You can receive advice on all of these matters by getting in touch with Home Energy Scotland. So, what are you waiting for?!

Contact Home Energy Scotland

Find out more information on what you can do to reduce your energy emissions by visiting these websites!

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