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A Sustainable Future For Kirrie

Creating Our Climate Action Plan

In late 2020, Kirrie was one of only two communities in Scotland invited to take part in a pilot project with the environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB). The project comprised of a series of five online sessions, where members of the community came together to learn, discuss and set out a draft plan for community climate action in Kirrie and the surrounding Glens. This project offered us a chance to dream about what life in Kirrie could be like in another 10 years, if our community chooses to seize the opportunities we have to develop a connected, resilient, happy and healthy community, while embracing the changes we all need to make to play our part in Scotland reaching Net Zero by 2045. Read the full report here.

So, what can we do?

It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of such a huge task, but the choices we make every day with our time, energy and money are building our futures. We are lucky enough to have a choice; a window of opportunity which will not be afforded to those who come after us, so we owe it to them to act now.

Some of the ground work was already done during the sessions with KSB. Some of the great things that are already happening in and around our town were shared. Views and ideas from the wider public on what our next steps should be were discussed. But, we don’t want this to be the voice of a select few. These changes will affect everyone, so everyone should have a voice. As a starting point, we collated some of the most popular ideas into five interest-themed Future Kirrie action plans. These are being led by various members of the community and evolve a little more each month. We are always looking for new people to take actions and we love to hear new ideas, so we want to hear from YOU about how you think we should tackle this, together.

In November 2021 we held an update meeting to showcase the amazing work that has happened in Kirrie to date, to tackle climate change and protect the future of our people and planet. Watch it here:

Get Involved with Community Climate Action

Our Future Kirrie Action Plan is split into five main themes. We are always looking for anyone with an interest in community climate action to get involved. These groups are open to anyone from the local area with a desire to support positive change for a healthier, more sustainable future for everyone. Contact details for each interest group are as follows:

Are you interested in forming or being part of an Energy interest group? Get in touch! Email us.