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Our Funders, Partners & Supporters

Our funders, supporters and partners all work to make the world a better place — if you would like to work together, please get in touch!

Our Funders, Past & Present

The National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery are currently Sustainable Kirriemuir’s main funder. We have been awarded a Community Led grant of £150,000 from 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2024 which will fund the development of our Community Climate Action Plan, Future Kirrie. To compliment this we have also been awarded £10,000 as part of their Together for Our Planet programme and £7,576 as part of their Awards for All programme. These smaller grants will contribute towards our series of community awareness and education events, and the purchase of a small fleet electric bikes for community use.

Voluntary Action Angus

Voluntary Action Angus

In April 2022, Voluntary Action Angus awarded us £34,000 to support mental health and wellbeing in Kirriemuir. This fund is being used to fund a Community Engagement Officer who will help encourage and support participants and volunteers of Sustainable Kirriemuir and other local partner community groups.

Angus Rural Partnership

In January 2023, Angus Rural Partnership awarded us £7,101.96 to support developments to our community garden at St. Mary’s Field in Kirriemuir. Angus Rural Partnership is a new organisation which builds on the positive legacy of the Angus LEADER Programme which ran from 2014 through to 2020.

Smarter Choices Smarter Places

Energy Saving Trust

Coop Logo

Co-op Local Community Fund

The Co-op supports thousands of grassroots community causes through the Local Community Fund, where members can select which cause in their local community to support. Sustainable Kirriemuir have been selected as one of Co-op Kirriemuir’s three local causes for 2021. With this fund we plan to revive and replenish St Mary’s Field in Kirriemuir to create a community garden, where we will teach about sustainability and how to grow your own food. You can select Sustainable Kirriemuir as your local cause by clicking here.

Cycling UK

Cycling UK has been delivering projects in Scotland since 2010, as well as running campaigns and influencing policy at Holyrood and locally, supporting over 4,000 members and advocating for cycling across the nation. Their projects allow more people to discover the joy of cycling, whether that’s zipping about on errands, exploring the local area or finding ways improve their physical health or wellbeing. Their funding enabled seven local people to become Cycle Leaders and allowed us to run a Dr Bike session during 2021.

Climate Challenge Fund (CCF)

The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) was a Scottish Government grant programme. The CCF provided funding and support to help community-led organisations in Scotland tackle climate change through projects that reduce local carbon emissions. Over 1,150 projects across all 32 local authorities were awarded CCF grants during 2020-2022 for activities involving energy efficiency, sustainable travel, local food and resource efficiency. Total CCF funding since 2008 exceeded £115 million. Sustainable Kirriemuir was awarded the total sum of £162,644 from April 2020 – March 2022 for our Nourish Project.

Grow Angus Logo

Grow Angus

In 2021 we received £10,000 as part of the Grow Angus project, administered by Murton Trust for Education and the Environment, to develop local food growing across Angus.

Climate Challenge Asset Fund (CCAF)

In December 2020 Sustainable Kirriemuir were awarded a grant of £7,492 from the Scottish Government’s Community Climate Asset Fund, for the purchase and installation of a polytunnel and other items to help the Kirriemuir Community Garden at St Mary’s Field to reduce local carbon emissions through their community growing project.

The CCAF was a Scottish Government fund, administered by Keep Scotland Beautiful, and 279 community-based organisations from across Scotland were awarded more than £3.2 million of funding to tackle climate change.

Choice for Angus

In February 2020 Sustainable Kirriemuir was awarded £2,120 by Angus Council towards various community activities and events. Due to Covid-19 these have been adapted and have included a series of crafting and cooking kits for local people to be able to enjoy and develop their skills at home, as well as the Christmas window displays in the town centre designed by Maureen Crosbie of Gallus Glass and created by the local school pupils.

Corra Foundation

Corra Foundation exists to make a difference to the lives of people and communities. It works with others to encourage positive change, opportunity, fairness and growth of aspirations which improve quality of life. Corra wants to see a society in which people create positive change and enjoy fulfilling lives.

In 2020 Corra launched a ten-year strategy. It is long term because making a difference on the big challenges will take time. At its heart is the strong belief that when people find their voice, they unlock the power to make change happen.

In June 2020 Sustainable Kirriemuir were awarded a grant of £2,000 which was used towards developing the Kirriemuir Community Garden at St. Mary’s Field and to support Angus Young Carers in learning to grow their own vegetables as well as other activities to support them during lockdown.

Our Partners

Webster’s High School

As part of the Nourish Kirriemuir project, funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, we are working in partnership with Webster’s High School to develop a market garden in the grounds, along with supporting them in their other work on learning for sustainability.

Northmuir Primary School Logo

Northmuir Primary School

As part of the Nourish Kirriemuir project, funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, we are working in partnership with Northmuir Primary School to develop a market garden in the grounds, including a polytunnel, along with supporting them to reduce their food waste and in their other work on learning for sustainability.

Southmuir Primary School Logo

Southmuir Primary School

As part of the Nourish Kirriemuir project, funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, we are working in partnership with Southmuir Primary School to develop a market garden in the grounds, along with helping them to learn more about textile waste and sustainable fashion.

Angus Cycle Hub

Angus Cycle Hub is a not for profit, Community Interest Company. Their project encourages people to cycle, recycle and reduce carbon emissions while improving health and wellbeing. Since 2015 their social enterprise has recycled over 20,000kg of bicycles destined for land fill or scrap, encouraged 65,000km of cycling and saved 73,000kg of carbon emissions (C02e)!

Kirriemuir Food Hub

Kirriemuir Food Hub

Kirriemuir Food Hub is a non-profit voluntary run organisation with a mission to help combat local food insecurity and reduce food waste by repurposing and redistributing food. 

Sustainable Kirriemuir and Kirriemuir Food Hub are working together in partnership to simultaneously better the environment and enhance the community.

Kirriemuir Rotary Club Logo

Kirriemuir Rotary Club

Rotary is 1.2 million passionate individuals worldwide. They are both an international organisation and a local community leader. Together they lead change in our own communities and around the world.

Joining Rotary, either directly or through your local club, gives you the platform to make a difference through volunteering. If you’ve got a cause you’re passionate about, or a project you want to get off the ground, Rotary is the place to turn your ideas into action.

A Longer Table

A Longer Table

A Longer Table CIC, is a zero plastic waste retail grocers shop selling grocery basics, such as dry goods, in season Scottish grown fresh vegetables, and ecologically friendly household and personal care products. They also offer some gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. Where possible they give preference to local producers and suppliers.

We work closely with A Longer Table to deliver our #SussYourFood challenge and often collaborate to increase awareness around reducing waste and making more sustainable food choices.

Apetite for Angus

Appetite for Angus

Appetite for Angus is a network of food and drink businesses who are working together to promote what the area has to offer. They want to ensure everyone has access to local food, and promote collaboration. The group covers all parts of the food chain – farmers, primary producers, wholesalers, retailers, café owners, restaurateurs, professional services and 3rd sector organisations. They all have one thing in common – a passion for good, local food they want to share with everyone. Sustainable Kirriemuir is delighted to be part of the 3rd sector food network, which provides us an opportunity to collaborate with other projects across Angus.

Community Cook It

NHS Tayside, Nutrition and Dietetic Public Health Team

As a Tayside wide team of Health Improvement Practitioners and Dieticians, the team work with partners to improve the nutritional wellbeing of communities across Tayside by providing evidence based nutritional expertise. We are working together to provide Community Cookit training to people in our town, who will then be able to pass on important cooking skills.

Free Period Angus

Free Period Angus

Free Period Angus is the Angus Community Planning Partnership vehicle for delivering on the Scottish Government Period Poverty campaign. The aim is to eradicate period poverty in Angus by the end of 2021, ensuring access to products. FPA also circulates educational information, stimulating valuable discussions and removing the taboo of periods.

We partnered up with FPA in early 2021 to raise awareness of and remove the barriers to reusable period products. These products are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than disposable products.

Angus Young Carers

Angus Young Carers

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of community partnership working.  Sustainable Kirriemuir has been supporting young carers in Angus, providing activities. Angus Young Carers are excited to develop this relationship and the possible opportunities to come.

Circular Tayside

Circular Tayside

Circular Tayside is a major initiative that helps identify and support circular economy opportunities, future proof businesses, create a competitive advantage and open new market opportunities.

We have collaborated with Circular Tayside in informing local businesses on circular economy and holding 1-2-1 sessions with them, where waste has been identified as well as ways to mitigate it. We will continue to collaborate with Circular Tayside to promote circularity at all levels.

Our Supporters

Angus Council Communities Team

The Communities Team is part of Angus Council Planning and Communities Service and is responsible for a broad range of community planning, as well as delivering community learning and development activity. The team provides support to local people and organisations to build stronger, more resilient, supportive, influential and inclusive communities. This includes working with geographical and interest based communities to improve the places they live in, enabling a wide range of activity from tenant participation to environmental volunteering and community celebrations. They support Angus residents, community organisations and community planning partners to plan and work together.

Voluntary Action Angus

Voluntary Action Angus

Voluntary Action Angus (VAA), the local third sector interface, provides a range of services and support around volunteering, developing and sustaining third sector organisations. Working with other agencies within the voluntary sector means they have a vast array of contacts across different partnerships. So, whether you are looking to take forward a new initiative, access support or require information on local groups, VAA can help.

Circular Communities Logo

Circular Communities Scotland

Circular Communities Scotland is a network membership organisation, dedicated to supporting the establishment of a thriving circular economy in Scotland. It supports and represents over 170 repair, reuse and recycling charities and social enterprises across the country. Circular Communities Scotland members prevent valuable products and materials from entering landfill, create local jobs, economic opportunities, and help promote and create social and environmental justice in their communities.

The membership body both represents members, and the sector as a whole, to a range of stakeholders including the Scottish government, as well as supporting membership with everything from networking, to funding and events, as well as facilitating the growth of the sector in Scotland more widely.

As well as supporting and representing members, Circular Communities Scotland also runs its own ‘Reuse Consortium’ and is involved in a number of projects and programmes to support the third sector in support of Net Zero.

Circular Communities Scotland is funded by Zero Waste Scotland.

SCVO - Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) is the national membership organisation for the voluntary sector. As members of SCVO, we belong to a community of over 2,000 members and part of a movement that is dedicated to achieving the ambitions of Scotland’s voluntary sector.  SCVO also provides us with access to vital support services. 

Grow Angus/Murton Trust for Education and the Environment

Murton Trust for Education and the Environment

Murton is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) with a dual educational and environmental purpose. They are situated on a former quarry near Forfar, Angus and manage a thriving nature reserve, visitor farm and tearoom of 100 acres. They aim to be a thriving and sustainable charity valued in the community and recognised nationally.

Our funders, supporters and partners all work to make the world a better place — if you would like to work together, please get in touch!

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If you would like to know more about what we are doing please get in touch. We are always looking for new members to join our organisation. If you have particular knowledge around climate change issues, or growing, making and mending skills you’d like to share, or just want to know more, we want to hear from you. Everyone is welcome, together we can make a difference.