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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion is the new cool.

Did you know that 4/5th’s of Scotland’s carbon emissions are caused by the heat and energy required to grow, make, process, transport and provide goods and materials? (ZWS, 2021). 

In Scotland, at least 118,000 tonnes of clothes and 25,000 tonnes of shoes and bags are bought every single year. Clothing production has approximately doubled worldwide between 2000 and 2015, with consumption of new clothing estimated to be higher in the UK than any other European country. 

The total footprint of clothing in use in the UK, including global and territorial emissions, was 26.2 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2016. Once clothes are in use, impacts on the environment and our climate from washing are high too. The total water footprint of clothing in active use in the UK in 2016, including the water consumed overseas to make our clothes, was 8 billion m³ of water. That’s crazy!

In February 2021, we held our first sustainable fashion speaker event, with more than 40 people attending to learn more about the movement and find out how they can begin to get involved. We were delighted to have Miriam Adcock from Zero Waste Scotland, Siobhan McKenna from ReJean Denim and Mairi Lowe from Sustainable Fashion Scotland present at our event, with lots of wonderful questions and discussions during the session.

Aim to up-skill the community!

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This is a new initiative and we need volunteers!

There are many issues to address; from materials, to design, retail, consumer behaviour, and disposal. This will take effort, from an individual level all the way up to legislative change. Help us by volunteering with us.

I want to help tackle Fast Fashion.

The Sustainable Fashion campaign is in its very early stages, but we have already brought together a number of people who are interested in being part of the change. Each person has skills from sewing and knitting to textile design and spinning, with some simply interested in helping however they can! We run regular skill-sharing sessions and workshops. These cover everything from sewing, to embroidery, fabric dyeing, spinning, upcycling, reworking and more! If you would be interested in leading one of these sessions or would like to contribute towards the development of the series, please email us

Sashiko Reworking

Meanwhile at Southmuir Primary School…

In May 2021, we teamed up with Southmuir Primary School to run a Sustainable Fashion Challenge. More than 150 pupils were challenged to upcycle a t-shirt into something new, colourful and unique in honour of the wonderful nature all around us in Kirriemuir. We are super excited to see and share the results with you, and we would like to challenge you to get upcycling your clothes at home too! Check out our super easy YouTube video tutorials on tie dyeing, fabric painting and creating an embellishment.

Take a look at our Fashion Show video ———»

An update from the SK Team…

I have loved seeing our Sustainable Fashion group form and come together. Everyone in the group is so enthusiastic and creative, and it is truly a pleasure to see them all share ideas and chase change together as a community.

Lauren, Sustainable Kirriemuir

On our Sustainable Fashion Event

I loved all the speakers and thought that the event flowed really well. I also thought Lauren who facilitated the event was fantastic.

Anonymous, Speaker Event Attendee

On our Sustainable Fashion Event

I loved the warm, and enthusiastic nature of the event – it definitely gave me hope that the future of Scotland’s fashion industry will be one centred around sustainability.

Anonymous, Speaker Event Attendee

Time is short and the solutions are simple.

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If you would like to know more about what we are doing please get in touch. We are always looking for new members to join our organisation. If you have particular knowledge around climate change issues, or growing, making and mending skills you’d like to share, or just want to know more, we want to hear from you. Everyone is welcome, together we can make a difference.