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Northmuir Primary Logo

Northmuir Primary School

Northmuir Primary School is home to a 16m x 6m poly-tunnel, which doubles up as a growing space and outdoor classroom. We are growing all sorts of exciting vegetables and even some wheat!!

The outdoor terraced growing area is in development, along with an orchard and pond. With biodiversity and habitat creation at the top of the school’s priority list, we have planted wildflowers and a hedge to create wildlife corridors.

During 2021 the pupils and staff grew 200kg of edible produce, with the help of Emily and a small number of volunteers. Read about their potato harvest here.

Southmuir Primary Logo

Southmuir Primary School

Southmuir Primary School is home to a south facing site on a tarmac car park (where the original school was) and is a bit exposed to the elements!! We are creating a wind break by planting up tattie boxes with trees and hedging.

We have 60 raised beds, filled with perennial and annual vegetables, flowers and fruit trees.

In 2021 the pupils and staff grew 100kg of edible produce, with the help of Emily and a small number of volunteers. Read about their potato harvest here.

Webster's High School Logo

Webster’s High School

Webster’s High School garden is hidden away on the north facing side of the school, with a wonderful well established cooking apple tree and 5 veg beds, 2 raised beds with raspberries and blueberries and a small poly-tunnel that was built by Mr Milton and Mr Campbell from the Design & Technology department.

There is a gardening group that work in the garden on Mondays and Fridays, helping to sow seeds, prick out, take cuttings, water and harvest the fruit and vegetables. The Home Economics department use the produce in their classes, using the farm to fork model to explain the importance of locally grown food and the circular economy.

Since the beginning of the project, the pupils and staff have grown 120kg of edible produce.

As part of our Nourish Kirriemuir Project

We supported all 3 Kirriemuir schools to grow 1.3 tonnes of nutritious food for local people.

An Update from the SK Team…

I love working with the children at the Kirriemuir schools. They are always full of enthusiasm and willing to get stuck in!

Emily, Sustainable Kirriemuir

Nourish School Garden

My class are enjoying the varied opportunities to get involved with the garden. They have enjoyed sawing trees, using drills, digging, planting, sowing and using wheelbarrows. They are learning lots!

Mrs. Kennedy, Northmuir Primary School Teacher

Nourish School Garden

My son really enjoys ‘Welly Wednesday’. He is always keen to share with me what he’s been up to. It is fantastic that outdoor/environmental learning is seen as an important part of their education. Not only does it broaden his learning and application of knowledge gained in the classroom, it positively contributes to his health and well-being too.

Millie, Northmuir Primary School Parent

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