Date: Saturday 20th April

Time: 10am-1pm

Location: Community Garden

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Join our Action for Nature volunteers at our Community Garden at St. Mary’s Field, and help us develop it into a Growing & Nature Hub. On the day we will be building a hibernaculum for our resident amphibians and planting for pollinators around our newly established pond.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust recently stated:

“We believe that communities are key to restoring Scotland’s wildlife.”

Our Action for Nature volunteers are making this happen in Kirriemuir!

What is a Hibernaculum?

The word has Latin roots, meaning ‘winter quarters’. Hibernacula are places of refuge for amphibians during winter, when resources are limited and temperatures are low. Our hibernaculum will provide a safe, cosy refuge for the frogs, toads, and newts who make the Community Garden their home. It will be sited near the food growing area so they’ll have easy access to the slugs and snails who enjoy eating our crops!

Pollinating Plants

Pollinator friendly plants are flowers that produce lots of nectar (for energy) and pollen (for protein). We’ll be boosting their numbers to provide food for our pollinators for as much of the year as we can.

At the end of this volunteer day you will have the knowledge and skills to build your own hibernaculum and plant for pollinators! You’ll also meet with like-minded people who love to take Action for Nature, just like you.

Action for Nature

As part of our wider 3-5 year strategy, Sustainable Kirriemuir are taking Action for Nature, to help achieve our vision of a sustainable, net-zero community where people and nature flourish. Establishing our pond and building a hibernaculum will contribute towards the aim of promoting, protecting and restoring our local natural biodiversity.

What Is Biodiversity?

It’s just a fancy word for nature, combining the words ‘biological’ and ‘diversity’, i.e. the variety of animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms that make up our natural world.

We’d love to see more people supporting local nature and experiencing the physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors. Come along to this volunteering session at our Community Garden at St. Mary’s Field to find out more, and to contribute towards a greener, more biodiverse Kirriemuir.

Important Information

If you would like to attend this volunteer day please ensure you book a ticket (free, with the option to make a donation). Tickets can be booked on our Citizen Ticket page.

We take photographs at our events to help promote our activities and impacts. These photographs will be used on our social media channels including this website, and for the purposes of reporting to funders. If you do not wish for your photograph to be taken, please notify us at the event.