Date: Thursday 4th April

Time: 7-9pm

Location: Kirrie Connections

Contact: Amandla

Join Conservation Officer Claire Pumfrey for an interactive talk and Q&A about how you can create a bug haven in your garden!

The 2022 Bugs Matter survey run by Buglife and Kent Wildlife Trust indicated that the abundance of flying insects in the UK has plummeted by 63.7% between 2004-2022. Several factors contribute to invertebrate declines, but one of the major causes is habitat loss. Although some individual gardens may be small, it’s estimated that private gardens in the UK cover an area bigger than all our nature reserves combined. Gardening for bugs therefore, creates important green links between urban nature reserves and the wider countryside, forming vital wildlife corridors.

This session forms part of the work of Buglife Scotland’s Strathmore B-Lines Project; a 2-yr project working with communities and partners to restore and create wildflower-rich habitat within the B-Lines network, through reconnecting habitats to help pollinating insects move across the landscape. During the evening, you will learn how you can help wildlife in your garden and how to add your pollinator patch to the B-lines map, contributing to their Insect Super Highways!

Action for Nature

As part of our wider 3-5 year strategy, Sustainable Kirriemuir are taking Action for Nature, to help achieve our vision of a sustainable, net-zero community where people and nature flourish. This event will contribute towards the aim of promoting, protecting and restoring our local natural biodiversity. We’d love to see more people supporting local nature and experiencing the physical and mental health benefits, as well as seeing more gardens blooming with pollinating plants. Come along to this informative and engaging event to find out what you can do this Summer to help us achieve this!

Important Information

This event is open to all, no need to book tickets.

The work of Strathmore B-Lines has been made possible by funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and The Gannochy Trust.

Please contact Claire at with any questions.