Kirrie Kids get On Their Bikes for the Climate

On Saturday 22nd of April we hosted an Active Travel event at Websters Campus. Muckmedden brought along their mobile bike track or ‘pump track’ as it’s known. We were also joined by Alyth Cyclery running a Dr. Bike. Our aim of the day was to get more people on bikes, and with 130 young people taking to the track on the day, we were more than happy!

Why is this important for the Environment?

Did you know, 36% of Scotland’s GHG emissions in 2018 came from the transport sector, with 68% of this from road transport such as cars and vans. Unlike other sectors which have seen big reductions in emissions in recent years, transport emissions have only seen a small decrease since 1990, which is slowing down Scotland’s progress towards meeting net zero in 2045. We think more people cycling instead of driving is a great way to save the planet, and get fit at the same time! Most bike-handling skills are about muscle memory and practice, which is why we think events like these are so important for our cyclists of the future.

People certainly made the most of their time on the track, many staying all day. Thirty people got their bikes fixed by Dr. Bike, and lots of people also used the playground to practice their cycling skills. It was a really lovely atmosphere! Many families came with a picnic and played at the playpark too, we felt it was a great venue and were happy to meet lots of new faces. We think around 250 people attended in total, including the parents and guardians and those who just came to spectate.

Huge thanks go to our Active Travel volunteer Millie for organising such a fantastic, free event for the community.

Would you like to get involved with our Sustainable & Active Travel community work?

We are always looking for new volunteers who are passionate about low and zero-carbon travel. Whether you want to help us organising or leading group cycle rides, want to be an advocate for better walking and cycling routes, or maybe you want to start up a car-share club, but don’t know where to start! Whatever your interest, we have a place for you here. Get in touch with us for a chat, we’d love to hear from you!