Active Travel Challenge for Bike Week 2022: The Results

As part of Bike Week 2022, Sustainable Kirrie challenged the people of Kirriemuir to replace car journeys for more active modes of transport.

Thank you to those who took part in Sustainable Kirrie’s first active travel challenge!

It was great to see lots of people walking and cycling short and medium distances instead of taking the car. Sustainable Kirrie think you are brilliant and we hope you feel great for it too!

The Stats

  • Participants travelled between 0.5 miles and 6 miles actively.
  • 72% of journeys were on foot with the remaining 28% being made by bike.
  • Many people that logged their miles during the challenge normally travel actively for these journeys. That’s fantastic!
  • 20% of active travel journeys logged would have been ordinarily taken by car. Well done, keep up the good work!

The prize winners….

1st Prize was Caitlin Wilkie

2nd Prize was Struan Kennedy

3rd Prize was Gregor Kennedy

A big thank you to Paths for All for funding the challenge. And a huge thank you to everyone who took part. We hope you continue to enjoy walking, cycling, wheeling and scooting around, and inspire others in Kirrie to do the same. You are awesome!

More active travel challenges coming soon… watch this space (and tell your friends)!