SolarFast Dyeing Workshop: How did it go!?

We had an absolutely wonderful time at our first Sustainable Fashion workshop on Saturday the 21st of August at the Kirriemuir Guide Hall!

Led by volunteer artist Gill, the group of attendees got hands on and used special SolarFast dyes which develop in sunlight, allowing you to create a silhouette affect on a natural fabric. This is done by covering areas you do not want to develop with varying items of differing opacities, leaving the rest to develop under UV rays.

Everyone brought along an old tshirt or fabric to upcycle something old into something new using this technique and we had a great time experimenting with different methods. Some people used masking tape to keep the edges neat, whilst others allowed the paint to flow more organically. Some people mixed colours in patches, whilst others created an ombre affect! A big thanks to our volunteer Gill for leading the session and thanks to our attendees for coming along and producing some fantastic results.
We would love to see some more faces at our next session so keep your eyes peeled for workshops including t-shirt making, embroidery and more!