July Veg of the Month: Courgette

Courgette plants are easy to grow and fruit abundantly – expect to pick three or four a week in good weather. Courgette plants usually fruit for many months, from early summer onwards, right through to the first frost. Pick the courgettes when they’re young and tasty, 10–12.5cm (4–5in) long.

Plant Facts

Common name: Zucchini, courgette or baby marrow.

Botanical name: Cucurbita pepo

Group: Squash

Harvest: July, until the first frost.

Nutritional Information/100g

Calories:  19 kcal

Protein: 2.0 g

Total Fat: 0.4 g

Iron: 0.6 mg

Vitamin C: 11 mg

Vitamin A: 440 µg

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