Reusable Period Products with Free Period Angus

Free Period Angus

In early 2021, we initiated a partnership with Free Period Angus to address both local period poverty and the damaging environmental impact of disposable period products. Together, we were able to provide an opportunity for anyone in Angus to sign up and receive free reusable period products from Hey Girls, delivered straight to their door. 

Our partnership campaign removed many of the barriers to the uptake of these products, such as price, access and understanding. So far this year, our collaboration has prompted requests from more than 2,000 people throughout Angus for free, reusable products. 

Lauren, our Learning & Events Leader explained, “We support people in making small changes to live lighter on the planet, and we want to demonstrate that these small changes can make a big difference. By working with Free Period Angus, we are encouraging people to consider reusable products as an alternative to disposables, simultaneously helping reduce waste and protect our environment. Reusable products are really growing in popularity – you’ll never be in period poverty if you use and own them, and you’re doing your bit to save the planet in the process.”

It’s clear from the huge response and positive reviews that people are becoming more aware of the impact that period waste has on our environment and are willing to make the transition to trying reusable products. Environmentally sustainable period products can be used for years at a time, saving tonnes of unnecessary waste as well as removing pressure on household budgets at the same time.

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Free Period Angus three main objectives:

  • Reduce stigma.
  • Raise awareness of free product locations across a target demographic.
  • Ultimately eradicate period poverty in Angus by the end of 2021.

Keep an eye on their website for access to more of these fantastic free reusable period products, available exclusively from FPA.