Our Future is Circular!

With the earth’s resources increasingly scarce and more expensive, the way we traditionally operate by using up and then disposing of raw materials is no longer a sustainable or viable option and we must depart from this linear economy model urgently. Reducing the amount of things we use, keeping existing products and materials in circulation, prolonging their lifecycle and extracting the maximum value is a concept better known as the circular economy; products and materials flow around the economy continuously from one use to the next. For a circular economy to prosper, businesses and consumers must work together to make things last by forming a network.

Circular Economy

In response to this shift, we held our first online circular economy local business support session in partnership with Circular Tayside in December 2020. Circular Tayside is a major initiative that helps identify and support circular economy opportunities, future proof businesses, create a competitive advantage and open new market opportunities.

At the event, businesses of Kirriemuir and the surrounding areas brought their knowledge up to speed on the concept and started planning how they will align their business operations with the Scotland-wide transition. They found out how Circular Tayside could support them to capitalise on the opportunities associated with circularity, and to promote their inspiring efforts, catalysing further change in the area.

We plan to hold more information sessions in the future, educating the community on the circular economy, with Circular Tayside offering 1-2-1 further support sessions. Previous sessions have been successful in identifying waste and new ways to mitigate it. Although many local people and businesses are already making effort to reduce their waste and direct it down new, innovative routes, we can always do more. We will continue to collaborate with Circular Tayside to promote circularity.

We’re happy to support local businesses to register with Circular Tayside Be Inspired. If you and your business are making steps to reduce your waste and would like to get registered as an inspiring business, please reach out to us at info@sustainablekirriemuir.co.uk.

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Circular Tayside

Circular Tayside aims to help local businesses in the transition towards a circular economy and offers access to Zero Waste Scotland support that includes free workshops, business consultancy and grant funding. With the carefully tailored range of support, they can help businesses at every stage, from idea generation, to market analysis and funding for project development.