Fire & Ice Baubles Christmas Window Displays

Everyone loves winter; cold crisp walks and cosy log fires. However, 2020 was one of the warmest years on record. The pandemic has brought much of the world to a standstill, but it hasn’t stopped climate change.

Fire & Ice Baubles by Louise Kerr

All Photography by Louise Kerr.

Members of the local community were encouraged to think about global warming, plastic waste and the impact their day to day lives have on climate change through a series of Christmas window displays in the town of Kirriemuir, Angus.

Coming together as a community in 2020 had to be done in new, creative and bright ways. To spread some joy and lightness in the winter darkness and as a thank you to the people of Kirriemuir for pulling together as a community when physically we have to stay apart, pupils from Northmuir Primary School, Southmuir Primary School and Webster’s High School created their own plastic-free, stained-glass baubles!

Their ‘Fire and Ice’ theme is a reminder of the increasing global temperatures and the melting ice sheets at the north and south poles.

Furthermore, the baubles were a lesson that plastic free crafts can be just as, if not more beautiful. Our Fire and Ice Window Displays formed a magical walking trail around the town, perfect for an afternoon out exploring. We hope that the local community enjoyed seeing how the concept of climate change can be conveyed through art by our wonderful generation of local young people. It was a fantastic way for our local businesses to come together and show their support for our mission to help Kirriemuir reach net zero carbon emissions.

Our Future Kirrie Action Plan is split into five main interest groups. We are always looking for anyone with an interest in community climate action to get involved. These groups are open to anyone from the local area with a desire to support positive change for a healthier, more sustainable future for everyone. Contact us for more information.